About Us

Life is full of moments.

At UP THE MOMENT, our hope is to help you create memorable experiences. We have 20+ years of event planning experience, ranging from small as a kid’s birthday party or a corporate/non-profit vision night, to weddings and fundraisers, and even events as large as weekend retreats or large conferences. When you’re in the middle of planning an event and you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of confetti and balloons, we are here to pull you out. We will give you the tools and products you need to be the champion event planner at the end of the day. 

Founding Moment Makers


Ben is a graphic design and system builder extraordinaire, who loves the great outdoors, fishing on the lake and hiking up mountains. He has an eye for excellence and when it comes to creating a well-loved guest experience his desire is to make sure guests feel like the event was executed with them in mind. His attention to detail and ability to create systems helps keep party planning organized. In turn, giving party planners the tools to feel successful at creating memorable moments.


Katie is married to Ben and loves plants, crafting, reading and drinking coffee, all while wrangling their 3 daughters at home in the midst of homeschooling and sports. She is a creative who loves to plan and execute events with the most intricate and intentional elements. The details involved in creating a space, which reflects the joy of the celebration are what keep her energized. She loves helping others find joy and excitement in creating a fun and memorable event.